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                                                    in         Mermaid Restaurant Galleries & Rhythmic Gymnastics       

Milliant Activities

Exercises to Improve your Sophistication!

Blank Flatform Creation

Draw a BLANC. * Pen and book

Draw a border. Distinguish important points of interest to you. Demand freedoms. Determine summary of concept. Deliberate emotion. Designate Drawing and draw. Discuss the meaning. Demonstrate the point. Dictate the demand. Delegate the memory.

Selective Arrangements

Designate an area. *Gather favorite things.

On the area decide safest starting point for activity in which you will arrange your favorite things. Place favorite things arranged in relation to planning a tour of your favorite objects in mind of whre you want to be when considering your safety. Start in exact position at starting point and tour studying your favorite objects.


Physical preparation for control.

Lie on back relaxed, deep breathing. find your center and contract and relax core strength. without assistance with full pressure stand uo walk and run with full resistance against the weather.


Apparatus skill. * Musical instrunment.

Maximize endless number of possibilities for directional impact if playing, throwing having thrown at you, any weight, trojectory of your throw of your musical instrument and any replacement equipment to determine the full spectrum of dimensions.

Columns Comparison

Like the Pro's and Con's Column what about 'Right' and 'Wrong'.
*Pen an Book.

List everything real and fantastical you can think of  refined in single words (as in every word you know of), ie: everything that exists in theory and the actual. Draw up two comparison columns. Label one RIGHT and one WRONG. Divide everything you can think of into things that are correct and in the wrong column inaccurate things. Do this with every possible word.